E-Course marketing

E-Course marketing

Market Your Small Business with an      E-Course


Online classes known as e-courses are a popular way to promote your product or service. E-courses usually consist of short emails containing useful information related to your business. The emails are sent in intervals to keep your reader interested over an extended period of time. E-courses can also be mailed in PDF format or posted on your website.

This form of advertising works well because it’s subtle. People may not even realize you’re using the e-course as a form of marketing. Many will think you’re simply sharing information that will help them in some way. You do want to help, but it’s a give and take relationship. The ultimate goal is to keep your product or service on the person’s mind so they will think of you when they’re ready to purchase.

The first place to start is with a good idea for an e-course. You must provide useful information or your readers won’t stick around. The only exception is if people have to pay to take your e-course. In that case, they will demand a refund if your information is useless to them. For marketing purposes its best to offer a free e-course because you will make money later on.

Just about any business can benefit from offering an e-course.

A podiatrist could send a series of emails giving people tips on how to care for their feet. The e-course could include anything from how to choose a proper running shoe to what to do for a sprained ankle. As long as your messages stay on topic, you have an e-course.

It’s important to only send information related to your business. If people join your e-course for weight loss tips, don’t send them information on how to buy a house. Bombarding your readers with random offers unrelated to your business is a sure way to drive them away.

Your e-course should only be sent to people who join your mailing list. This will reduce or eliminate spam complaints. It also increases your chances of getting into a person’s in-box instead of their spam folder.

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, you can get help from an internet marketing consultant. The consultant can create a way for you to capture emails, create your e-course, and configure how often it’s sent. Your only job will be to read the emails to make sure the information is accurate.

An e-course can go a long way in promoting your business. Give it a try and watch your sales increase.