Good Website Design

Good Website Design

What are principles of a Good Website Design?

If you would like a custom website, but do not know what ‘the principles of good web design web site design’ are, you might finish with a bad website which has no search engine optimization and built by a web design company that has no website design and search engine optimization experience.

To me and most small business owners, good website design means “one that can be found by the search engines and has search engine optimization and will bring customers ”.

Unfortunately the way most people order a website is; they look at a professional website design that big companies have (who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on putting them up) and then they think “That is what my web designer can make, a custom website for me that should look like that. After all, if it is good for Coca Cola or Nike, for sure it will be good website design for me too”.

What they do not take into account is that those big companies have millions and millions of dollars in marketing money. Companies like that do not rely on search engine optimization to drive traffic to their website. They do not have to follow the rules of good website design, because they will get traffic no matter how good or bad their website design is as these companies use web design companies to built flashy websites that have no search engine optimization. Millions of people will still visit it because of those companies’ huge offline marketing.

If you have a small business, or would like to have your own business website that relies on the internet to provide you with clients, the website that is good for Coca Cola or Nike will be the death of you.

It will not only NOT bring you any clients, but it will cost you money as well. In fact, it might even harm your business.

It will also make you believe that websites don’t work. When I talk to people that have a website already, I constantly hear “websites don’t work, I paid $2500 for mine, and it has not brought me one customer”. I then ask, “Did you get a professional website designer and a reputable web design company to build you a custom web design that has search engine optimization on it? I usually get a reply like ‘No but…”

When I get a chance I have a look at their websites, I see straight away why there is no possibility that that website will ever bring in ANY business to its owners. Usually because the site has no search engine optimization. Usually they have a template website but a custom web site built by a friend of a friend’s son who studied computers at high school.  Professional web design companies can do custom web design that has search engine optimization by professional designers. This in turn will bring customers and get you a good ranking with the search engines.

It’s so sad; because a well designed professional website design, search engine optimized website not only brings in a lot of customers, but is also the most effective and the cheapest form of advertising (apart from word of mouth).


If you are thinking about getting a small business website, you need to get a good web site design by a reputable web design company and educate yourself on what to look for because if you don’t, it will cost you very dearly in lost revenue and cold, hard cash with a bad web designer.

To help you learn about good website design, we put together a FREE course that will give you the basics.

We put this course together, because we want to do a good job in building websites that work, but we are not in position to educate everybody one on one.

Even if you happen to read it and go somewhere else to get your website built at least you will be able to source out a good web design company who employs a web designer who knows how to do search engine optimization. It might weed out some of web designers who do not do a good job and give the rest of us a bad name.

What this course will teach you:

  • Why exactly do you need a website for your business?
  • What are the different types of websites and which type do you need.
  • What features you absolutely must include on your website design and which ones you should stay away from.
  • How does a good website design get to the top of page on a Google search?
  • How the text should be written to get your customers to instantly warm up to you and who should write it.
  • What kind of images should you include on your website?
  • How to build a relationship with your clients without spending any time talking to them.
  • How do you know if your website is attracting customers?
  • Questions to ask your Web Design company and web designer to make sure they can build you a professional website that works!
  • How to build your own website design that is search engine friendly and that not only will bring you lots of customers, but is so easy to build that your grandma could do it.