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The advantage of going with ‘The web design people’ is that we do it all for you from start to finish backed up with outstanding customer service. Choose one of our packages tailored exclusively for small to medium business owners.


The Web Design People E-commerce, Membership site

Full e-Comerce  membership Site can run everything including video

From $5,500 inc GST


The Web Design People Gold Package

Updatable Full CMS Membership
 $3,300 inc GST


 Small Business Website: From  $2,200 inc


  Your own Blog– Or Can be added to your
 From $440 incl. GST

Do It

DIY Full Website all tools provided  USD $299

20 hrs DIY Website Training and

$2200 inc GST 

Plus USD$299 for your own program

Search Engine Optimisation

$2200 inc GST 

Plus your own site

Online Marketing Campaign


  From $440/ month

A representative of ‘The web design people’ will meet with you in person if you live in Northern NSW‘The web design people’ will meet with you in person if you live in Northern NSW however ‘The web design people’ also works with clients throughout Australia via telephone or skype.



  • Blog with | the web design People
    Anyone wanting to have an online presence that allows them to update their content and upload their own photos. A great way of keeping up with friends and family around the world or keeping a diary of your travels. You can also have a Blog attached to your website.
  • Business Edge
    Out-perform your competitors with an effective custom-designed website to promote your business or an e-commerce shop to increase your revenue. Websites work for you 24 hours a day and are far easier to update than a printed brochure. If you would like to know how to get the business edge follow this link
  • DIY | the web design People
    So you would like to Do It Yourself. No problems we can provide you with all the tools needed and you build your own site. It is as simple as following a template with numbers and you then colour the numbers as you would like. Takes about 80- 120 hours to build your site. Perfect for someone wanting to start an online-only shopping business. Ideal for those who currently have a small home business and wish to take the next step to sell online. This is a very rewarding program and you will learn how to make a professional website that pulls in
  • Extra’s
    This link is for all the Extra Services not listed above
  • Gold | the web design People
    This is a good option for those wanting to have total control over their own membership website and intend updating content and images regularly. No knowledge of HTML is needed to update the CMS and is very simple to use.
  • Increase Traffic
    Do you want to know the KNOCK OUT RULES TO INCREASE TRAFFIC for your website……..
  • online advertising
    Sponsored Links is highly targeted and ensures your website and short description is seen by people who are searching on what you have to offer. It is extremely cost-effective advertising.
  • Platinum | the web design People
    Fully Updatable Membership, E-commerce with shopping cart Website, HTML front pages includes install by The Web Design people’
  • Silver | the web design People
    What sort of package will I get for this price. A crafted and static site. This is the site that you use if you want a web presence. So you can refer customers to it for a display of goods or so they can read about you and your business
  • Website optimization
    Website optimization. This involves making sure your business website is optimized to attract your target audience. It can involve writing new copy for the main page or adding content to additional pages. The consultant will make use of keywords people use most often to search for websites in your line of business. Off-page optimization. The consultant will use ……..
  • The Process with | the web design People
    So what is The Process ……
  • terms and conditions
    This page outlines the general terms and conditions of having a website built by ‘The Web Design People’ Please Read this page before we start work



FEES POLICY – All fees are payable in advance 50% of total selected fees are paid to get on the job schedule, when the site goes live the balance is due. Payment plans are available if arranged before the work begins.

Methods of payment are:

– Direct deposit, Money Order Or Cheque
– Use a Credit Card through
– Bank to Bank electronic transfer or money order

NOTE: Once work has started there are NO refunds of any paid fees!!!

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